Get yourself out Off your Head and start focusing on what you want to accomplish in Life, experience and what you want to leave behind.

Get from unfulfilling to Happy, from scared to fearless and do it now, there is no time to waste.


You have the right to feel fearless, brave and kind. Because I believe when you improve yourself you make the world a better place. Dare to become fearless, fulfilled and satisfied.


Even though your have a history you can always start to become the person you always wanted to be by taking the time to find your passions, becoming fearless and do more of the things you love.

Challanges yourself to be brave, share you and be a part of making the world a better place, by starting with yourself. Nothing more nothing less.


When i doubt.

Feel that taking care of yourself and doing what you live is watching tv and eating candy, and that is what your have time for at the moment, and you feel that you can manage to get more energy for new things or find a minute more in you Life is impossible. Maybe this isnt for your.


Maybe you fantizie about that day when you have effortless focus, energy and drive. But that day never comes. And you wish for that day when you have all the skills and knowlegde to be who you want to be and superfit and goergues, but the day never comes or the joy of reaching something never stays long enough to really being able to enjoy it. And a little piece of you are holding on to the though that I can get the oppertiunites i want in Life by sittning in the sofa, all day, and doing absoultly nothing.


You have an inner voice or a person telling your that cant, you should not do it because your are like that or like that. Or you are unsure what would make you happy and dont how to take yourself their so you focus on the things you have focusing on the last 1-5,10 years - work, money, eat, sleep. And then you repeat. All this build on the common things, fear and fear of failure.


As an awardwinning busniess Owner i work with upcoming entreprenuers and Project planers who wants:



* Get over their excuesses and lack of focus to build lifes they feel proud of on their death bed.

* Increase their braveness and build a Life they love and create the momentum to get more dreams and Projects done and completed

* Learn to Figure what the want in Life and how to get more time for it

* Say goodbye to yesterday and procastination, doubt and worrie

* And become fearless enough to be yourself and share more of you into the world.

* Becasue i believe that changing the world starts with you.



I believe that everyone has the ability to make their life in a way that is more enjoyable - the really challanges is find time to Figure out what you love doing and spend more time doing just that


Because when you do more of the things you love you will feel more fulfilled and depending on your goals you will either earn more money, have more passion and energy and feel more wealthy in all areas of life not jsut money.

Because when you take time to educate and learn about yourself you´ll change your life for the better, be a part of saving the world and create more passion in your life.


When you work with me you will have access to.....


* everything i know and learn about finding your true passion, dream, drive and being on that continues journey to live a fulfilling life

* all i learned and discovered about finding your passion, purpose and big/might/thrilling why in life

* all i have tested, learning, discovered explored in life to find your goals and passion in life to grow your passion



As we work together I´ll encourage you to


* questions the assumptions in your head about who you serve and what is wealth, challenges yourself and discover/open up whats with in you and give you as much tough love feedback as you need to find that passion in your live that your are so worthy to live through/experience, discover,

* questions the assumption in yoru mind about who you serv and what is wealth, challenges yourself to figuring out what you capable of achieving, and give you as much though love feedback and encouragement as you need to stay tune to find well deserved passion



By the time our work together is done you'll...



* know your passion/ dream project and how to grow organically in it from a seed to a flower, a dream in to an action, be able to build a routine to get more of it into your life and have a heap of strategies to choose from so you´ll never feel intimidated by a set back or a bump in ther road ever again.



Call to action


If you want to find your passion during the 5 coming days, download my free find your Why game now.


See you in their!


Permission to focus on your passion and doing more of the thing you love, granted